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About Camryn

  Hello! Welcome to the Daily Passionfuit. My name is Camryn, I am 19 years-old, and a student at Georgia Gwinnett College, where I am entering my sophomore semester. I'm studying Information Technology, and hope to transfer to Georgia Tech to complete my Bachelor's degree. With this knowledge, I hope to gain information to prepare me for a field in Cybersecurity. Someday, I want to enlist in the U.S. Navy and work to collect, analyze, and report threats to the nation's security. When I'm not planning out the future and living in the moment, I explore the arts. Things that have that " je ne sais quoi"; classic movies, jazz music, ballets, nature, travel. I find that there's an art in everything and that's what creates the zest for life. In my blogspace, The Daily Passionfruit, we will explore the zest of the Caribbean. We'll explore the art in the creation of the islands, and we'll share like we've seen it with our own eyes.