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The Rastafarian Blanket

"20 Jamaican SteroTypes You Must Challenge" Most view the Caribbean as a tropical beach paradise for vacation and getaways, or as the basin full of dread-locked, lazy, blissful stoners. This misconception grows out of a misinterpretation of Rastafarianism. Like any religion or spiritual foundation, their beliefs and deliverance molds and influences their actions, thoughts, and way of living. This begs the question, why is this religion so badly misconstrued and misunderstood? Rastafarian followers live in accordance to their spiritual beliefs, and yet, they are misinterpreted,  stereotyped, and criticized by non-believers and strangers to the religion.  A closer look into the meanings behind the ‘dread-headed, ganja-smoking’ movement can help foreigners understand that there are spiritual and religious reasonings behind the unorthodox Rastafarian beliefs and practices, and retire the stereotype placed on the Caribbean that stem from religious Rastafarian ideology. Sources: Be