Traveling to Jamaica

 A trip to Jamaica's coast, to relax in one of Jamaica's finest resorts is sure to be a gratifying experience. Jamaica is more often than not referenced in TV shows and movies to be the spot where characters go to, to kick their feet up, kick back, and soak in the sunshine. That’s because Jamaica, with its warm tropical weather and its beautiful memory-making resorts, are the best places to relax and dine when you're looking for a paradise getaway.

For your trip to Jamaica, you will need a valid passport from the country from which you are a citizen of. You will not need a tourist visa, as long as your trip is less than 90 days.  According to the U.S. Department of State, upon entry, travelers are allowed to carry a maximum of $10,000 U.S. Dollars, while there is no currency restriction for exiting the island.

Delta Airlines has available flights departing from Atlanta, Ga. (or your location), to Montego Bay, Jamaica, the week of March 14th. For a weeks’ worth of adventure, Delta Line 1997, from ATL to MBJ is the perfect option. A round-trip ticket, 3-hour long flight, departing at 9:45am, March 14th returning March 21st, will cost about $938 USD.

With this option, I’d be in Montego Bay, Jamaica before the 12:00pm. From here, a 10-minute ride from the airport will bring me the Zoetry Montego Bay Resort. The resort offers a chance to “connect with nature on their serene, private beach”. It’s a boutique spa resort, located near the Rose Hall Neighborhood. There I will stay in the Junior Tropical View Suite.

 Check-in and check-out times are up to the guests, so I don’t have to worry about heavy traffic getting to the resort, or arriving late. Because Zoetry Montego Bay, is a Wellness and Spa Resort, most my stay will be meant to “…clear the mind with meditation and yoga. Rejuvenate at the spa. Set [myself] to the pace of island life…”. I will wake up to fresh fruit and sparkling refreshments, compliments of Zoetry Montego Bay, and take part in the complimentary on-site excursions; kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and for an additional cost, parasailing, deep sea fishing, scuba diving, coast sightseeing. I’ll close out every night of my trip pampering myself at Zoetry’s Spa facility. Zoetry’s spa promises to ‘heal the spirit’.  There, I am offered, ‘relaxation in their peaceful spa with gardens and a yoga facility, meditation areas, indoor and outdoor massage cabins and a fitness center’. A beauty salon, facial room, cold water pool, and “Soul Juice Bar” sound promising to me.

This excursion. Zoetry offers many complimentary features aimed at making my trip memorable. My round-trip ticket to Montego Bay will cost about $938 USD, and my room at Zoetry Resorts should cost $2919 USD. Costly for a sole traveler, but much needed. In all, this trip should total $3857 USD.







Zoetry Montego Bay Resorts. © AMResorts 2014-2017,

        Accessed 6 Mar. 2021.

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