To The Bahamas

        Right now, in the dead of winter of January in the United States, the one thing we need right now is an escape. An escape to a tropical island, sipping on pina coladas with. Somewhere hot and sunny, to lay on sun-dried sand, looking out to clear blue seas. What we need is a trip to the Bahamas.
      Northwest in the Caribbean region, the Bahamas lies just south of Florida of the U.S. consists of 700 islands. These islands make for great getaways and vacations, where there’s nothing but beaches to wind down to. The Bahamas seems to have always been a site for tourism. In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered an island of the Bahamas, which encouraged expansion to the area. Tourism brought the islands out of its economic decline after the effects of the American Revolution reached the Bahamas. The expansion brought diversity to the islands. Although 85% of the island is of African descent, the Bahamas are home to Asian, European, refugees, and other peoples. This diversity brings culture and experience to the islands.
       When in the Bahamas, a spot to visit is Nassau. Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and the centre of entertainment—here, you can book your stay at Nassau’s Paradise Island, explore the beaches coral reefs, and wine and dine on the waterfront, and experience the flavors of the Caribbean at the Twin Brother’s restaurant. A trip to the    Bahamas is the perfect choice for those seeking adventure and relaxation. It is beautiful and serene, and just what you need to satisfy your wanderlust.


  1. I want to start out by saying that I love the pictures you chose they are beautiful and make me want to explore the Bahamas. The only thing I would suggest that needs work is a little grammar error when you are using to many commas where I think you don't need them but besides that I enjoyed reading your article I learned a lot about the Bahamas. You did good meeting the 300 word minimum you gave great detail on all of your blog posts.


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