Jamaica, My Love

        Jamaica, another beautiful island of the Caribbean, is the third largest island of the Caribbean. It is home to many different peoples, making Jamaica rich in culture and history. According to historians, long before Christopher Columbus sailed what would be known as the "West Indies", the Arawak and Taino peoples inhabited the land of Jamaica, calling it ‘Xaymaca’, the land of wood and water. Once ‘Xaymaca’ was acquired by the English in 1655, after an attack against the Arawak and Taino peoples, the English renamed the island Jamaica. Under English rule, enslaved Africans grew tobacco, cocoa, sugar, and were traded through the Middle Passage for rum and molasses.

         In 1865, the Morant Bay Rebellion changed the course of the island’s progress. Paul Bogle and his men stormed the Morant Bay Courthouse, which led to Governor John Eyre being recalled to England. This movement brought growth and development to the lands. On August 6th, 1962, Jamaica became independent from the British, and set in place the Jamaican Constitution 1962, this same day. The interaction these many groups due to conquest, slavery, and migration make Jamaica rich in history and culture. This history is reflected in Jamaican culture today.   

       My parents and grandparents are from Jamaica, and Cuba.  I'll choose to adopt Jamaica, Cuba, and Barbados to study for the semester.


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